As Sydney emerges from a fifteen week lockdown, it has become clear that Victoria should have spent less time pussyfooting about and just locked down hard and fast like New South Wales did.

This comes as Melbourne notches up yet another day in lockdown (if you’d even call it that) with daily case numbers still higher than were ever recorded in any of the other outbreaks around the country.

With NSW case numbers dropping by the day and businesses reopening, it is now evident that the template provided by former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is not one that should have been sneered at, because it obviously worked.

Melbourne residents have today finally conceded that they should not have been so complacent about the Delta Strain, and really should’ve just locked down hard and fast like everyone in Queensland and New South Wales were telling them to.

As much as Victorians wanted to believe they could have beaten this thing by pretending it didn’t exist, the facts remain clear: the only way to eliminate the virus is to shut down every industry except real estate, and provoke blue collar workers by calling them man-babies who can’t handle a little bit of economic strain.

Unfortunately, this is a strategy that the people of Melbourne and their politicians took far too long to implement.

Speaking to the media today, the new NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet said it breaks his heart when he looks south of the border.

“Those poor people” he says.

“We tried to help guide them out of this as best we could, but they wouldn’t listen”

“They refused to accept the facts, because the facts were to inconvenient too accept”

“If only they had listened to Gladys and I when we said the best way to combat this virus was to bond together and lockdown. It was tough, but it was a small price to pay to protect our most vulnerable.”

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk agrees.

“If only they had moved hard and fast. Like we did with the NRL grand final. The moment we saw the early signs of an outbreak, we decreased the capacity at Suncorp stadium to 75%”

“These are the big calls that I feel Victorians shy away from. But you can’t do nothing. Inaction is what got them into this situation that they currently find themselves in”

“Melbourne is too focused on freedom, they don’t give any thought to duty”

At time of press, Melbourne had reported another 20,000 cases in the afternoon. They are going to be locked down forever – all because they chose to not take this lockdown seriously and let the virus get out of control.


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