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Do you ever feel like you’re nothing but a discarded bag of dog faeces left to steam in someone else’s recycling bin?

Then chances are you rent a house from somebody who makes a profit out of your hard work as misery.

And that’s after you navigate your way through the door, past the book-licking Tarocash Gestapo that moonlight as leasing agents.

Past the background checks, the income tests. Call to your boss, friends and family. It might seem over to top to you as someone who lost the birth lottery. But landlords have to make sure their investment is protected.

Now, if you’ve ever thought this current system is broken, then I’ve got a solution for you.

Start tipping your landlord. That’s right. Start tipping your landlord 20% more than what’s on your lease agreement.

Are you crazy? No.

Look, I’ll break it down for you. One day you’d like to own a house, yeah? Well fake it till you make it. Landlords will start taking notice of your absolute Boss Mode move. You need to be in your landlords good books if you ever want to be a landlord.

When you start tipping your landlord, doors will start to open for you. Literally. The front door you could barely get you key into, let alone turn? Magically fixed with one call to the real estate agent. That hole in the roof directly above your bed? No more sleeping while you spoon a stockpot to catch the leaks, Mister! That bad boy in the roof will get fixed in a jiffy.

Picking up what I’m putting down?

If you want to live in a house that feels like it’s yours, tip your land lord.

Trust me.

Nadine Skinner is a freelance writer based in the French Quarter. She’s regularly published in The Weekend Advocate, Le Monde Au Betoota and many other publications.


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