Local Indigenous ally Barney Prince (32) felt a tad too chummy today while attending an Invasion Day rally and is now wondering if everyone else would be cool if he threw up a fist as well.

A supporter of Indigienous lead campaigns to change the date of Australia Day, Prince elected to spend his day off attending a public demonstration for the cause, even though he is risking a potential spicey cough infection, something he has mentioned to most people within earshot.

“Might get the rona but some things are more important than health,” stated Prince, wearing a hand painted hat that he tags the creator of in daily Instagram stories.

“Community for starters. Justice, that too.”

After joining in on a few chants and complimenting other protestors on their signs (in the hopes he would get some back) Prince noticed that some Aboriginal people attending the protest were holding their raised fists in the air, a symbol of black power and solidarity.

Prince is feeling a little like Peter Norman today and is genuinely wondering if it would be such a big deal if he raised his lily-white fist to the sky as a way of saying ‘yeah, I agree.’

“I’m gonna do it. I actually am…I mean it this time.”

Prince then asked our reporters if they had any sunscreen that he could apply to his fist first so that it wouldn’t get sunburnt.

“Cause I’m gonna hold it up there for a long time! Until things change!”

At the time of writing Prince has not yet ascertained whether it would be cool or not for him to raise his fist but states he will continue to keep it clenched by his side so he will be ready as soon as he finds out.


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