The owners damaged wheelie bin in the southern suburb of Barcoo Hills say that they will continue using it as though it still has wheels.

Sarah Merrett (45), a part time dressmaker from the leafy new housing development says she doesn’t really know who to call, or how to get a new one.

“Does it cost money?” the young mother asked our reporter.

“I mean, If I can get it replaced I will, but if it costs money, then I’m kind of keen to just continue using it as though nothing happened”

“It just means I have to tug it a little harder when I’m bringing out the front”

“It also means that we will have bin juice leaking onto our walkway twice a week for the next decade”

It is not yet known how the newly titled ‘draggy bin’ lost it’s wheels but, early rumours suggest the dumb arse neighbour Kev accidentally backed his lowered Lancer into it the other night before pick up.

“I’ve got a family to worry about. I don’t even know the name of our local council” she said.

“…and I’m not asking Kev to pay for it. It doesn’t belong to me. It doesn’t belong to anyone”

At worst comes to worse, it is believed that Sarah will ask her husband Tim to ask their son Alex’s dodgy mate Ryan, who comes from a broken home, to steal one from the apartment building a few blocks away.


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