Robbie Elias’ tinder bio says he’s ‘Lebanese and aims to please’ – but that doesn’t seem to be the case this afternoon.

The 30-year-old construction manager has still refused to give the boys another ‘not bhed’ – despite them asking repeatedly.

“They’ve actually asked me about thirty times just today.”

Robbie who doesn’t mind going fishing from time to time, and is also prone to pulling in fish of a good size, two seconds in, says he made the mistake of doing it once already, and doing it real well.

“I did it once and they exploded, but I’ve gotta make sure this doesn’t become a thing.”

“I’m more a Ray Warren voice guy, but the Billy Birmingham version of Ray Warren”

However, Robbie says despite his clever impersonations of 1990s Channel 9 commentators, the boys are gonna remain a tough crowd until he gives them a not bhed.

“This Brown Cardigan video is getting more mileage than Fat Pizza did when I was a kid”

However, Robbie admits he can’t really complain since his Tongan mate Afah has only just recovered from the Summer Heights High quotes of 2008.


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