A local accountant has today had a bit of a dummy spit over the inability of her colleagues to keep track of the ever-growing third generation of her extended family.

Wendy Webcke (71) has returned from Christmas holidays today with roughly 127 hours worth of family photos to show coworkers on her iPhone, and is very quick to correct anyone who mixes up the names of her eighteen grand kids, who are mostly redheaded girls that look the same with similar names.

While Wendy relishes in her grandmotherly status both at work and at scouts, and at home, she is quick to switch back into a no-nonsense numbers woman when anyone confuses her grandkids.

One colleague, Ben (22), who sits at the desk neighbouring Wendy’s – has already dropped the ball several times today.

While once again being show some new photos from the Christmas break, he does it again – by mixing up Katie and Caitlyn.

“Is that the one on who is really good at basketball?” asks Ben, who has actually found himself pretty well invested in the life and times of Wendy’s offspring.

“No!” snaps Wendy.

“Not Katie, she’s the oldest. I’m talking about Caitlyn”

Ben has to quickly regather. He snaps back into form.

“Ohhh the swimmer!”

Wendy smiles and begins navigating her way through her phone to find the new photos from the swimming carnival last week.


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