Ipswich’s second most famous celebrity, Pauline Hanson has this afternoon tried to repair some of the damage done to her party by ‘the trying to get $10 million of the NRA to undermine democracy thing’ from a few months back.

This comes in the form of a loud voicing of support for controversial homophobe Israel Folau, in his bid to take Rugby Australia to court and crowdfund his own salary.

Hanson, who has consistently cried for a complete ban on the religious garment that is the Burqa and the immigration of people who practice the Islamic faith to Australia, today explained that we as a country must protect religious freedoms.

“If we sit back and allow Israel Folau to be sacked form his million dollar role as a sports person because he breached his contract funded by the sponsors who lose money because of their association with a homophobe, then what hope do we have left,” said Hanson.

“We need to protect the religious freedoms in this country before it’s too late.”

Hanson then clarified that she was only referring to Christian religious freedoms.

“Off course I just mean Christian freedoms. Like the freedom to be homophobic, dictate what vulnerable women do to their bodies and fire gay teachers from schools,” she said.

“Not the freedoms of other religions, especially Islam,” explained the woman still calling for a Royal Commission into Islam for some reason.


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