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Sydney is teetering on the edge of a Melbourne-style lockdown this week as the harbour capital sees more cases of the deadly coronavirus pop up all over town.

And they have absolutely no idea how it happened, they say.

Speaking to The Advocate this Monday, an exhausted yet up himself young professional said he and his fellow Sydneysiders are at a loss as to how they came to face the same prospects as Melbourne did just two weeks ago.

“We have been so careful, as a people,” he said.

“It’s honestly so disappointing. People coming in from the Western Suburbs via Melbourne and coughing on our nice pubs and restaurants. Now we’re pretty much fucked,”

“All that can save us now is Premier Gladys [Berejiklian] toeing the Liberal Party line and refuse to lock the state down, which is what this full-sugar version of Diet Coke Turnbull is saying. If we had Dan Andrews up here, we’d all be handcuffed to our living room radiators by now.”

However, this masthead can reveal that the fuckwit who just shared his opinion with our newspaper visited some markets near the city’s fancy bridge over the weekend.

He also used the public facilities there and didn’t wash his hands.

On Sunday, he went to the Manly and walked up and down the promenade there. He was hoping to run into someone he knew so he could brag about his new real estate job.

“It’s just such a shame everyone but me took the piss and now we’re all fucked,” he said.

More to come.


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