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Shortly before knocking off at lunch today, Rugby Australia’s media pigeon accidentally shared the wrong link to the Wallabies’ Facebook page that directed fans to the Argentina V Randwick fixture this weekend instead of the Goldmen’s clash with Samoa.

The Wallabies are playing Samoa at Bankwest Stadium in Parramatta on Saturday while Randwick, a suburban rugby team in the Harbour Republic, is playing the Pumas in a friendly a few hours before.

Many in the rugby fraternity have opted to watch the ‘Galloping Greens’ over the Wallabies as the Argentina match is slated to occur at County Coogee Oval in Sydney’s east, where much of the code’s supporter base allegedly live.

Including Media Pigeon, who lives in the roof a public toilet at a harbourside park.

Rugby Australia is chalking the error up to a Freudian Slip by Pigeon, apologising for the error on their Facebook page a short time ago.

“Earlier today,” the statement started.

“We shared a link to buy tickets to the Wallabies match against Samoa this weekend. Unfortunately, that link took fans to the wrong game. Please do not go to that game, it will be an inferior level of rugby compared to the Wallabies. Parramatta is not that far out and you can get public transport there if you want. We know it’s a fun and exotic experience for most of you,”

“Please, please, please come to the Wallabies, it’s the last chance you’ll get to see them play in Australia before the World Cup. We know most people going to watch Randwick this weekend will probably be coming to the World Cup but the boys could really use your support. Family tickets start at $699 and you can AfterPay them if you want,”

“Remember, stay #goldblooded everyone! From Media Pigeon’s boss, Communications Crow.”

More to come.


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