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The boatloads of prospective property investors that’ve just rolled into Sydney have been put on notice by their commanding officers this afternoon to go easy on the Hogspitality if they want to keep their social credit score in the green.

Should a visiting Chinese sailor be caught enjoying a fine steak, famous curly fries and a glorious side salad at a local Hog’s Breath Cafe, there will be hell to pay, according to Admirial Xie Weng.

“We’re all for personnel enjoying some Australian culture while they’re here,” they said.

“But paying ¥500 for a steak that’s been cooked for 200 hours or whatever it is, is just a but too much for us to stomach. It goes against the teachings of the Chinese Communist Party,”

“They could have a potato pea pie from Harry’s Cafe De Coli if they want a bit of local pizza and culinary panache. If we catch any sailors at Hoggies, they’ll get a flogging and a number of points taken away.”

The Advocate reached out to Hoggies for comment and received a number of e-coupons in response.

More to come.


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