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In brighter times, Victoria plays host to The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the greatest comedy festival in the world.

“I love comedy,” said Dudley Stephens, a Victorian man.

He spoke to this masthead via Skype this afternoon.

“And I can take a joke but please don’t joke about this. It’s actually really sad for a lot of people. Especially in Melbourne,”

“People in Victoria don’t really like your inbred newspaper, either. So when you make jokes at Victoria’s expense, you’re actually hurting your own circulation down here so please, now isn’t the time.”

When asked if it was sad for people outside of Melbourne, the 39-year-old rug salesman said, ‘No’.

“I feel bad for communities like Albury, Dareton and Wentworth that depend on Victorian health and education services that now can’t access them. I don’t feel bad for people in Mildura, though. They always drag Victoria’s good name through the mud,”

“You can make fun of them.”

More to come.


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