Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has gifted his opponents a nice win after acknowledging that he forgot to wear a mask yesterday afternoon as he was walking to parliament.

Mask wearing in Victoria is compulsory outside, unless you have a valid reason or exemption.

While the man in charge of the southern state has tried to play the matter down by claiming it was an oversight, and offering to pay whatever fine comes his way, the guys on the other side of the parliamentary chamber have requested he be locked up.

“Dan Andrews needs to resign immediately, and he should face jail time for what he’s done,” explained loudmouth Victorian MP Tim Smith.

“It’s a disgrace, and he should pay the price,” said the man who takes it upon himself to call for the Premier to resign at every single opportunity.

Victoria Police will have confirmed they will review the incident to determine whether the premier walking without a mask across the car park constitutes a breach, but won’t be charging him with a criminal offence.

“It’s just a fine mate, we can’t send someone to jail for a minor offence like that,” said a Victorian police officer.

“Unless they have an intellectual diasbility or mental illness and we catch them in the act and then escalate the situation to the point where they lash out and we have to arrest them.”

“Or he’s an African teenager wearing a hooded jumper”

“I know you hate Dan, but at the end of the day he’s one of us. We can’t arrest people like that in this city. C’mon, you guys know better than asking a dumb quesiton like that.

“Tim does too.”


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