In some not so surprising news from newsrooms around the country, dangerous gangs of young white men aren’t getting anywhere near the attention their counterparts receive.

This comes despite the white gangs and groups being very real, and very dangerous – unlike those African gangs which were largely fabricated by the commercial media a few years ago.

“Yeah we aren’t going anywhere near it,” explained one white reporter in one of the predominantly white newsrooms run by News Corp.

“We certainly aren’t going to run 28 front pages in a year about it, or over 200 stories about people be afraid to leave their house because there’s a threat to their safety and they are genuinely concerned about being assaulted.”

The fabled African Gangs of the mid to late 2010s received national attention with widespread coverage even causing humble racists in places as far away as Queensland and WA to feel concerned for the safety of residents in Melbourne.

That came despite police pleading with politicians and journalists not to drum up fear and create racial tension about the gangs they said weren’t really a thing.

While the Herald Sun cashed in on racism around Australia by fabricated stories about the ‘Apex Gang’ in Melbourne, it can be confirmed that News Corp bosses aren’t as interested in highlighting the genuine and terrifying threat to public safety that white gangs pose.

That sentiment is shared by the likes of Channel 9, 7 and 10, as well as the various radio stations around the country who used the made up threat of the Apex game as an excuse to stoke fears within society and help generate millions of dollars in revenue.

The nation’s spineless politicians have also largely avoided the issue, similarly to when they were warned by the likes of ASIO about the threat of neo-nazis and white gangs during their near two decade long ‘war on terrorists.’

Peter Dutton, the ex-Queensland cop who refuses to detail why he was forced to leave the police force hasn’t peeped about the horrifying threat of kids being killed on the street – despite trying to score cheap political points for months on the ‘African Gang crisis.’

It’s believed the various media entities will continue to talk about Prince Harry’s new book until the current and real crisis just, blows over.

More to come.


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