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This week, 34-year-old Northern Rivers woman Tonic Channon should be celebrating the fact that the celestial orb that heats this spinning hellrock is entering Aquarius.

Instead, she’s enjoying the hospitality down at her local base hospital in New South Wales because she, like many of her peers, did their own research when it came to vaccine science and is now unconscious in a hospital with a machine breathing for them.

One of Tonic’s friends, Frisbee, spoke to The Advocate today via telephone to try to explain how this situation got to the point where they arrived at hospital to find it already full of people like Tonic.

“We did not see this coming,” said Frisbee.

“When Tonic started to have difficulty breathing, we told her to try sleeping sitting up. When that didn’t work, we called over our friend Turps. Turps drives a Mini Moke and it was raining so he arrived soaking wet because it was raining. That’s when things go worse. Tonic said she couldn’t stand up anymore and was so out of breath. So Turps said he’d go home and get a Ventolin puffer he found on the beach one day – as a last resort. On the way back, Turps lost it on the driveway and rolled the Moke down and embankment,”

“The steering wheel smashed his nose all over his face. The Ventolin puffer was somewhere in the bush and poor Turps had two compound fractures in his legs It was then that we knew we were in trouble,”

“So we called an ambulance and they took one look at Tonic and took her before Turps because she was unconscious and Turps was awake and complaining about being in pain. So we turned up at the hospital and they took Turps right in because of blood loss, or something, so they had to intubate Tonic in the back of the ambulance. I’m sorry, it’s just been such a hard day.”

The Advocate reached out to Lismore Base Hospital for comment but unless we had a solution to staffing and PPE shortages, they didn’t want to hear from us.

More to come.


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