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A medium-sized regional centre on the fringe of the Simpson Desert has come up with the idea of producing and selling a number of tote bags at the information centre that sports the town’s name alongside some of the biggest cities on Earth.

No, it’s no Windorah, it’s our town.

Betoota, a reletively-large town with its own mass transit network, an international airport and enough districts and regions to support nine divisions of the two rugby codes and four divisions of Victorian-style football, has come up with the original idea of producing these tote bags so locals and tourists alike can have something that screams our town’s name when they’re not here.

The person responsible for the design and production of the tote bags was the Betoota Grove CWA President, Penelope ‘Penny’ Tration-Overell, step-mother to The Advocate‘s editor Clancy.

Despite Clancy coming into our reporter’s office a short while ago and threatening to cut my hands quicker than an SASR trooper with a broken fingerprint scanner if I wrote anything negative about them, it is quite clear that more effort could’ve been put into the project.

“If you upset my stepmum, it’s chop fucking chop! You understand?!” yelled Clancy as he made chopping motions on his wrist.

Our reporter nodded.

If you’d like to buy one of these tote bags, please visit the information centre on Daroo Street just down the road from our newsroom or buy one online through the Betoota Grove Chamber of Commerce website.

More to come.


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