A recently-but-not-so-recently unemployed man is making drastic moves to avoid watching Ellen on television today, and instead, he is stretching out phone calls with his mates working 9-5.

While his mates act polite and try their best to not be distracted by their jobs, Jim Peterson (28) wants to know what else happened after he left on Saturday night.

“Was it good? haha” asks Jim.

His most recent target, Ollie, responds truthfully.

“Mate there was only two of us left, me and my housemate. I think we just had another beer and went to bed”

Jim says he wishes he could have stayed longer but he had to do some family shit the next morning, but what else is going on?

As Ollie’s boss notices that there are not enough fake smiles on his face to warrant a work call, he slowly begins levitating towards his desk.

“Aahh Jimbo I think I’ve gotta go mate” says Ollie.

Jim feels like he’s being brushed for no good reason and can’t seem to understand why a 35-minute phone call in the middle of the workday isn’t appropriate.

“Nah wait up a second. Where was I? Oh yeah, what do you think about that girl that we were talking to at the footy like two weeks ago with the short hair that was there with Jenna?” he says.

“Mate I’ve gotta go”  Ollie responds.

“Righto. Give me a call back when you are free” says a defeated Jim.

“Actually, you keen to get back on it tonight?”

Ollie says no I’ve got a bit on.

Jim can’t believe it, like it won’t be that big, but whatever.

At time of press, Jim was dominating his group chat with low quality memes, only to be met with the occasional haha.



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