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A young profession who’s been out of work for a number of months now has applied for countless local jobs without success.

Despite this, he’s determined to keep seeking a go because he’s received the promise of Australia, which is the gift of a go but only if he has a go in the first place.

The Advocate asked this hapless former city worker, Glenn Douglas of Betoota Heights, what he’d ask ScoMo, JoFry or PeDu if he had the chance.

“Where is my go, you cunts?!” he said.

“I’ve been out of work for three months now. The last mob I worked for had to make six of us redundant. Mind you, they gave us a nice severance package but fuck me, a man needs to work? Doesn’t he?”

“Isn’t that what the Liberals want? Every single able bodied man and woman to be in the workforce? Contributing to the economy?”

“Fucking knock knock, you cunts, it’s me and I want a fucking go! I’d understand if there was a recession or something coming but there’s not, aparrently. So what’s the fucking go?”

Our reporter reached out to the Offices of ScoMo, JoFry and PeDu for comment but were told by the Prime Minister’s Office that the Mint is currently producing goes that will be mailed out to those having a go in the coming months.

More to come.


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