Former Prime Minister and respected Northern Beaches community elder, Uncle Tony has returned to this big smoke today, after months working with grassroots Indigenous groups in remote communities around Australia.

It appears Uncle Tony has taken the plight of Aboriginal Australians quite personally, ever since he gave a conditional yes to taking on the job of the Federal Government’s Indigenous envoy.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison did not ask Mr Abbott to be a minister in his new Government, but instead asked him to take on the role of envoy, citing his close association with Aboriginal Australia after growing up in a six bedroom mansion in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and working for the Liberal Party for nearly three decades.

While spending his time working with mob between Cherbourg and Bourke, Tennant Creek and Katherine – it appears Uncle Tony X has been laying low since his stint in prison in October 2019 for jaywalking after a Rabbitohs game, and subsequent conversion to Islam inside.

Abbott, who is at risk of losing his seat in the upcoming election to a Winter Olympian, claims that he’s not back in Sydney for any political points – but instead, he feels a duty to run it up at that ‘womba migaloo’ from Studio Ten.

“KAK… More like KKK!” said Uncle Tony X, in reference to Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s recent racial tirade on the ratingless daytime television panel.

“Pay the rent you old wine dot. Always was, always will be”

Abbott’s comments come as a shock to his Liberal colleagues, after the other two Aboriginal people handcuffed to the party are paraded in the pages of the Daily Telegraph in defence of Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s pretty blatantly racist comments.

“Nah. Fuck ya” said Uncle Tony.

“And fuck those sell-outs defending her”

At time of press, Uncle Tony X was seen braiding one of his niece’s hair on the front patio of a residential address in the Tongan Quarter of Dee Why in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


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