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Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been busy since being booted from office, his publisher says.

Busy writing his tell-all memoir about his life, all the stuff he’s done and most importantly, his political rise and fall.

Malcolm’s memoirs are currently being edited by the same editor who’s editing the memoirs of The Advocate’s editor, Clancy Overell.

In a phone call to his editor this morning, Clancy learned that his editor is having issues with the sheer volume of metaphors and mythology from Ancient Greece Malcolm is using in his writing.

“This book will be on every bedside table in the country come ANZAC Day next year,” said the editor.

“And not everybody who owns a bedside table knows who Sisyphus is or even the story of Sisyphus. He repeatedly describes his journey through life as ‘Odyssean’. I mean, we get it. You’re really smart. Christ, he even said his tenure as PM was Promethean,”

“People don’t know what these words are. I gave him Troy Buswell’s best-selling memoir, ‘I Sniffed The Chairiff (But I Did Not Sniff In Mock Sexual Ecstasy)’ to read because it is a great example of how a great story can be told in the simplest possible way. Haven’t heard back from him yet.”

Clancy’s memoir, ‘The Thredbo Landslide And Other False Flag Attacks Committed Against The Australian People’ will be available just in time for Christmas while Malcolm’s memoir will be out whenever.

More to come.


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