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Local man Luke Watson has today found himself once again defending his choice of afternoon snack. Each day Luke likes to enjoy a can of tuna, which if consumed in a wide open space is perfectly acceptable. However, Luke is in an enclosed office space, filling the entire space with a pungent smell that has people asking who’s opened cat food. 

“[sighs] it’s not fucking cat food guys, it’s tuna” Luke tried to explain to his tuna hating colleagues. 

“Well mate, it smells just like the stuff I feed my cat at home” 

“Yeah well you probably feed your cat tuna, Tony.” 

“So, what’s the difference between what you’ve got there and what I feed my cat?” Questioned Tony. 

At this point Luke wasn’t sure if Tony was taking the piss or he genuinely didn’t know. 

“Well they’re both tuna but cat food has nutrients added to it that is specifically for cats” 

“Humans would get sick if they ate it” 

“Human tuna is just pure tuna”

“Fucking he’ll, I can’t even believe I’m having this conversation.” Said a fed-up Luke who proceeded to eat his tuna by a window.

The Advocate caught up with Luke to see how his sanity was holding up. 

“I just don’t even know how people are still asking this question” “Do they ask people who eat casseroles what the difference between their meal and dog food is? No, they don’t.” 


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