As public morale reaches an all time low, people all over the world have embraced the power of music to communicate with neighbours and boost spirits during these trying times. 

Over the past few weeks, videos of Italians singing to one another in lockdown have taken the internet by storm, prompting neighbouring countries to do the same.

From rhythmic clanging of pots and pans in Turkey, to instrumental jam sessions and show tunes belted out from balconies in Spain, more and more housebound Europeans have joined in song to show their solidarity and lift spirits.

Now, all the way down under, a video has surfaced on Brown Cardigan of quarantined Aussies partaking in this rich cultural movement from their backyard patios. 

Chanting in unison as they chugged VBs and whacked their thongs to the beat, a whole apartment complex in Betoota Ponds can be heard slurring the words to the unofficial national anthem, ‘Untouched’ by the Veronicas. 

However, it’s alleged that the singing quickly deteriorated as a couple of dickheads decided shrieking at each other was more fun.

More to come.


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