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Television personality Tony Jones has pleaded with the nation this morning to stop referring to him as ‘the other Tony Jones’ – wishing to be simply called by his real name, Tony Jones.

The former journalist took to social media this morning after yet another person got him mixed up with his name-sake twin during a work function.

“Australia is big enough for the two of us,” wrote Jones on his offical Twitter account.

“Both of us deserve more than that – and if you ask me – he should be referred to as the other Tony Jones. My career has been just as illustrious, if not more than that hack,”

“Some would say what he does doesn’t even constitute journalism, it’s just his biased opinion about stuff. So I’m asking you to treat me like a human being and just call me Tony Jones.”

The Advocate reached out to Tony Jones for comment on Mr Jones’ remarks and received a short statement from his management.

Jones slammed Jones’ comments this morning, saying that to be upset by something so trivial is ‘insane’ and ‘ridiculous’.

“Why he’s so upset is beyond me,” wrote Jones.

“He’s been the other Tony Jones since day dot. Especially in this town. Nobody knew who he was until he got his first run on television,”

“You know what? I don’t mind if you call me the other Tony Jones. I’m bigger than that. I don’t give a flying fuck. Put that in your stupid fucking newspaper, you big-hat fuck!”

More to come.


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