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Friendly Tasmanian Tim Paine, who also captains the Australian Test Cricket Team, has been cleared to lead the tourists into the fourth Test starting tomorrow night local time.

It was feared that the Hobartanese wicketkeeper had rocks inside his head where his brain should be after setting a number of very unorthodox fields at Headingly.

Those field settings may or may not have contributed to the English victory, however, Cricket Australia’s selectors and medical team weren’t prepared to take any chances.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate today via telephone, a Cricket Australia media liaison explained that Tim’s back to his best.

“When we put Smudge through the MRI machine yesterday as like a double check type of thing, Timmy was there as support because he’s such a top bloke and very polite and friendly,” said the media liaison.

“We also knew that Tim might have a case of rock on brain, so we got him to spoon Smudge on the little man tray thing that goes into the MRI donut,”

“They both went in and got scanned up and they were both hunky diz.”

The Fourth Test is set to start tomorrow night at about 8pm local time.

More to come.


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