The New South Wales Premier has kept the wins rolling in this week, announcing a shiny new policy to win over the people of the Hunter and Illawarra regions.

Fresh from being the man in the pictures as the state opens back up, Dominic Perrottet has revealed a three billion dollar hydrogen energy policy.

With Twiggy Forrest standing behind him, the new Premier revealed that his government would be pumping a huge amount of money into the renewable sector.

Somehow managing to shake the leftie, tree-hugging stereotype that has plagued anyone pitching renewables until the big boys got up to speed, Perrottet said that there will be billions in incentives for green hydrogen production, including tax exemptions.

“There’s money to be made, and it’s time to cash in. Obviously, we won’t be trying to create government-run bodies that ensure the long term future of our energy and our economy, so it’s just about providing big chunks of cash to our mates to get them up and running.”

“But, don’t let me sell it to you on the fact we’ve pinned down the travelling Twiggy who had been making his sales pitch to plenty of other states, let me tell you this,” he began.

“10,000 jobs for the Hunter and Illawarra regions going forward,” he continued.

“But, not just that. 10,000 high paying jobs!”

“10,000 fossil fuel salary jobs, which there are fuck all of now.”

“So, the Raptors and jetskis will be ripping it up around Lake Macquarie and Maitland for a long time to come.”

“Think about it like this. Green energy equals big bucks. And if you solely rely on coal around here, you’ll be driving busted old Great Walls in no time.”

The Advocate contacted the NSW Labor Party for comment on the issue, who said that ‘they wished they’d come up with this pitch.’

“Clean energy, ‘working-class jobs’. I wish we were given the heads up that all this shit was good to go now,” said an NSW Labor insider.

“They’ve done a job on us here.”


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