A last-minute assignment on WW1 has caused local teen Beth Peters to get a little creative.

As she was unfortunately placed in a class with an unusually large cluster of high achieving students, Beth was aware that a simple 500-word essay was likely not going to cut it.

Not that it wouldn’t net her a passing C -, but she couldn’t take the judgemental stares when it came presentation time.

This was especially true as her last name has her presenting right after Amy Norman, who’s rumoured to have a thirty frame Powerpoint presentation, a costume and printed handouts for the entire class.

However, as she didn’t have many supplies to work with, Beth was finding it quite difficult to come up with a way to make her compilation of spark notes interesting.

She briefly tossed around the idea of making a short Powerpoint with the token Papyrus font but figured her feeble four slides would contrast too much with Norman’s excruciatingly long presentation – a thought that has caused her to feel much resentment towards the preppy seventh-grader, instead of turning it inwards and having a good look at her own time management skills.

Sighing as she looks at the double spaced, size 13 letters of his miserable, little essay, Beth is suddenly inspired by a thought had by thousands of lazy teenagers before her – using a tea bag and lighter to make the paper look like an old scroll.

It’s believed to have come from her wise mother, and Beth has now found herself suddenly feeling a lot better about her mediocre assignment.

More to come.


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