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Just hours after it was announced that Taylor Swift would rock the race that stops a nation, the pop star has taken to social media to officially pull out of performing on Melbourne Cup Day.

The globally popular American artist was set to perform two songs in the mounting yard at Flemington where anyone would have been able to see her (including general admission), in her only Australian appearance after the release of her 7th album.

However, organisers are now scrambling to find a replacement for the pop icon after she cancelled her performance less than a day after it was announced.

In a video posted online, Taylor Swift told her followers that she would be say #NupToTheCup after reading the tweet of a woke arts student from Melbourne’s bohemian suburb of Fitzroy.

“I’m going to be forgoing millions of dollars to perform two songs in Melbourne because, as was pointed out to me by one twitter user, I’m pretty much murdering horses by turning up,” Swift said in the nearly minute-long video.

“So thank you @awokenvirgo for pointing out this clear correlation that I was completely not aware of.”

The 22-year-old stay at home aspiring novelist Ashley Anscombe-Smith who somehow managed to have her tweet read by someone outside of her echo-chamber, has since retweeted the video with 14 hand-clapping emojis.

Speaking to The Advocate moments ago young Anscombe-Smith said she is glad Swift came to her senses, and is already planning her next issue changing tweet.

“I’m just glad I got to defeat the horse racing industry by voicing my opposition to something that happens 363 other days a year, but I only care about leading up to the 1st week of November,” she said.

“I’m already moving onto the next issue I’m passionate about once a year when I hope to score social points by tweeting to my woke friends – so Christmas look out!”


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