After a recent survey has show that there wasn’t one early-20s white hipster that was unable to speak conversational Japanese, Sydney University has today announced a roll-out of several new subjects within their School of Languages and Cultures.

“We feel that there is a saturation of people learning Japanese and Spanish, mainly just to benefit their holidaying experiences” said uSyd Languages Professor Mario Anasta.

“We are worried students aren’t actually learning anything other than how to order a bowl of udon in Tokyo, or a bag of coke in Colombia”

The revolutionary new courses on offer are expected to include Australian-Lebanese Vernacular Studies, including one whole subject dedicated to understand the word ‘Wallah’.

Others subjects include SHOTGEE120 Kiwi Lingo, and the much-anticipated Pig Latin Studies.

Pig latin, a secret language evolved from English and most commonly used in the fringe suburbs of east coast capital centres, is formed by transferring the initial consonant or consonant cluster of each word to the end of the word and adding a vocalic syllable (usually eɪ): so igpay atinlay.

“What we want is for people to be able to converse with Western Sydney residents fluently, without fear of the cops listening” said the Professor.

“Uckfay osethay oppercay untcays” said the lecturer, before readjusting his bumbag.


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