11 May, 2017. 14:23

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In an unprecedented move, the upper-middle-management at the Sydney Morning Herald informed their editorial staff this morning that if they wanted to keep their jobs, they’d have to fight for them.

And fight for them they will.

In partnership with The Star casino and the NSW State Government, a number of reporters from the purported centre newspaper will enter The Octagon last this month in a last-ditch effort to keep journalism alive in this country.

An Ultimate Fighting Championship [UFC] style octagonal fighting area is on loan from the US transglobal company, with media entities such as MainEvent and Fox Sports kicking off the bidding this morning for broadcast rights.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” said one senior executive in his Hugo Boss garb.

“We’ve draw up the card for the evening already, it should be a great night. Profitable as well. But for the losers, they’ll be writing B2B content by EFOY.”

The night’s main event is rumoured to be the ‘unsinkable’ Annabell Crabb taking on Peter Hatcher in a three round marathon.

Other bouts on the night include Paul Sheehan fighting Danny Katz for a $80k annual salary. Environmental editor Ben Cubby also confirmed that he’s fighting every photographer the newspaper currently employs in a four-on-one exhibition match.

The Advocate reached out to the upper-mangagement of Fairfax Media for comment, but only received tickets to the fight night.

More to come.


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