A local woman has today embarked on the impossible task of finding a reasonably priced one bedroom unit located near her work, it’s reported.

Sarah Moore [28] had spent the day perusing various real estate websites but wasn’t having much luck finding a studio that wasn’t the size of an airplane bathroom.

“It’s even worse than when I was looking for a room,” laments Sarah, “anything reasonably priced in the city is definitely a shared bedroom.”

“Especially if there’s a weird insistence of it being a single sex household.”

“Or that perks include a free personal locker.”

Unfortunately, despite being savvy in the housing department, Sarah still felt a surge of excitement when she came across a listing that didn’t cost two thirds her wage.

The centrally located apartment was reportedly a mere block from her work, and even included a personal car space and a ‘recently renovated kitchen.’

“This one doesn’t look too bad.”

“Oh look, it even has a gym!”

Sarah admits that she should have known better when the first image was an artist rendition of the building instead of a real photo.

The following sixteen shots of the foyer later confirmed her suspicions that the apartment was a dud.

“Yeah I should’ve known it was too good to be true”, says Sarah, “but there’s always that little bit of hope.”

More to come.


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