A woman has today had her romantic feelings completely quashed in an instant after spying her crush’s bum crack peeking above his jeans. 

It’s alleged Abbey Porter [24] had developed a crush on a coworker, which had vastly improved her work satisfaction now that she had someone to flirt with everyday.

Earning the interested glances of everyone in the office, the otherwise dull firm had welcomed the salacious excuse for gossip, as all silently cheered on the development of what looked to be the perfect match. 

As Abbey and Adam stole glances at each other throughout the day and flirted at the watercooler, the burgeoning romance appeared to be doing well – that is, until one fateful afternoon, which was to now be referred to as ‘bumcrack gate.’

Abbey tells The Advocate that she’d had been typing away at her computer when she’d glanced over at her crush’s desk for her bi-hourly checkout. 

But as she’d coquettishly tucked a piece of hair behind her ear in preparation, Abbey was shocked to discover Adam’s crack staring at her as he bent over to retrieve a pen he’d dropped on the floor.

“I just instantly lost feelings”, says Abbey, grimacing at the memory, “I don’t know if I can recover from that?”

Trying in vain to persevere despite the discovery, Abbey says she fears the damage may already be done and that there’s no salvaging the relationship now that she’s envisioned what his ass looks like.


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