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The nation woke to push notifications this morning from the ABC that lead them to an article which claimed Bridget McKenzie, who’s currently at the centre of controversy surrounding a $100m pre-election sports club grant slush fund, had even given a club she’s a member of a giant grant.

However, Nationals leader Michael McCormack has explained to reporters a short time ago in Canberra that it’s not the smoking gun the media is looking for.

In saying that, the nation as collectively wondered:

“Is this it? Is this curtains for Bridget? Surely this is enough.”

“It’s not a conflict of interest, it’s just common sense. It’s serving your community,” McCormack said.

“Bridget has made sure her own community in regional Victoria is improved by her being their representative in the senate. She’s not a bad person, she laughed the hardest when we found out what Andrew Broad wrote to that poor woman,”

“Honest to God, she had tears rolling down her face all afternoon. She kept putting her hand on the small of everyone’s back and whispering ‘G’Day Mate’ in their ear. It was classic. No, she’s not done anything wrong. She’s just normal old Bridge!”

The Advocate sought comment from our local member, David Littleproud, who went on to say a bunch of things off the record. The one thing he went on the record for saying was that “he’s staying the fuck out of it”.

Our reporter also reached out to Bridget McKenzie’s office for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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