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Producers from the highest-rating breakfast television programme in the country have put their minds together to come up with ways of repair One Nation’s image before the federal election.

The party is reeling from an explosive Al Jazeera investigation that aired overnight that showed several prominent One Nation figures asking for large, foreign political donations from gun groups.

It comes after One Nation’s defacto leader, Pauline Hanson, called for an end to foreign donations to political parties.

Network Seven’s Sunrise, a programme that prides itself in giving organisations such a One Nation a platform to spew hate speech and racist policy, say they’re working around the clock to come up with ways to distract the populace from this latest incident.

One producer, who spoke briefly to The Advocate via phone, said one idea is to let Pauline be a ‘Celebrity Cash Cow’ for a week in the hope that people seeing her in such a disarming circumstance will make her seem less of a bumbling racist to the voting public.

Another brainstorming session resulted in a remote segment with Mark Latham and David ‘Kochie’ Koch putting their differences aside and hosting a sausage sizzle in the foyer of The Australian Club.

At the time of print, the workshopping sessions were still underway.

More to come.


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