Sydney residents have just a little more to look forward to as local indie band Sticky Fingers release a new album just in time for Camperdown Park reopening for picnics/benders.

The five-piece released the new album to celebrate how groups of five vaccinated people are allowed to congregate in parks with their style of psychedelic rock fused with reggae-rock which they invented according to guys called Mitch.

Formed in the Sydney suburb of Newtown, Sticky Fingers rose to fame over the past decade after writing songs about getting munted in public parks for people who like getting munted in public parks.

The inner-Sydney muse that inspired the album is called Camperdown Park, a jolly off-leash dog area nestled next to a graveyard for the kids to play in.

As a result the Newtown park is a haven for dog owners and day drinkers who are allowed to legally get munted there for 12 beautiful hours a day. 

Such was the inspiration for Sticky Fingers’ new album Munted Park which they were only able to write and record because groups of five could hang out in a park again.

Themes explored in the album include how nice it is to sit in the sun and drink with friends and how nice it is to drink with friends in the sun, all told in lyrics that you only have to strain a little to understand.

The album has already been streamed half a million times on Spotify, mostly on private mode and exclusively in areas where public drinking is allowed. 


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