Netflix have today announced a new push on Australian local content, starting with a new true crime series based around a now infamous incident that took place in dining area of the Engadine McDonalds after Cronulla’s loss to Brisbane in the 1997 Super League Grand Final.

For many years the ‘Engadine Maccas’ incident has swirled as nothing more than Sutherland Shire folklore. However, mainstream media’s efforts to finally follow up on the 22-year-old rumour look to have concreted the story.

New revelations by Qatari broadcaster Al Jazeera have provided what appears to be solid proof that the current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison allegedly suffered a very public bout of fecal incontinence on September 20, 1997.

It is believed to have happened just hours after his beloved Cronulla Sharks lost convincingly to the Brisbane Broncos in the ‘Forgotten Final’ of 1997.

The results of the investigation spawned a documentary called How To Hide A Corn Massacreexposing Morrison’s efforts to silence local constituents who were there on the day that he allegedly defiled himself in the family restaurant.

Video footage from the documentary shows clear admissions to the incident from staff that were there on the day.

Australian TV and cinema legend Stephen Curry has today been signed on to play the lead, starring as a 28-year-old marketing executive for Australian Tourism Task Force named Scott Morrison.

“I’m excited but also wary that this story needs to be told properly” said Curry in an interview on the Today Show this morning.

“I’m hoping we can create Australian film history here. Like I did with Dale Kerrigan, but this time as a drunken Pentecostal marketing director who shat his pants in Engadine Maccas”

It is believed this incident is what triggered the decision by Tourism Australia to relocate Morrison the following year. In 1998, Morrison moved to New Zealand to become director of the newly created Office of Tourism and Sport.

The Prime Minister’s office have refused to comment on the ongoing investigations.


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