A local festival reveller has promised the world that she’ll do her bit to minimise the effect of her glitter use this weekend.

Bianca Wallace (23) said she will do so by becoming a pescatarian for the next couple of months.

Pescetarianism is the practice of adhering to a diet that incorporates seafood as the only source of meat in an otherwise vegetarian diet.

The Ascot local who headed down to Little Byron for the last few days to enjoy the Splendour In The Grass festival went through nearly a kindergarten art class worth of glitter in her outfits, and has committed to trying to negate that by consuming a fish heavy diet to help the circle of life.

The keep cup activist explained that by eating all the fish that have consumed her microplastics, she is hoping to break down the materials that will last for the next few centuries in the ecosystem.

“I’m just trying to do my bit you know,” she said.

“The eco-friendly glitter looks like shit, so I just went the normal stuff, and I’ll have fish-based meals for the next little while.”

“So yeah I’m transitioning from being a weekday vegetarian to a full-time pescatarian.”


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