A Dandenong man is today learning what it’s like to have to pay for Essential Items.

This comes as Melbourne and the Mitchel Shire are set to welcome in mandatory face mask rules as of 11:59 pm on Wednesday night.

Anyone in the area will have to wear face masks (unless they have a valid medical reason/exemption for outdoor exercise, etc), or cop a $200 fine, which will be issued in a discretionary nature for the first little while.

That news however, has 36-year-old IT specialist Trent Wilson fuming.

“If I have to purchase something I have to wear, then surely I shouldn’t have to pay for it,” said Trent this morning.

“Like that’s fucking bullshit bro,” continued the man who seems to think that tampons, pads and liners grow on trees.

Australia finally, after many decades of campaigning, scrapped the ‘tampon tax’ recently, exempting female sanitary items from the GST, but is yet to follow the lead of Scotland and make those items free for the public at designated public places.

“That’s different man,” continued Trent, who thought the scrapping of the tampon tax was virtue signalling for some reason.

“I don’t know man, this is a public health issue.”

“And now that I, as a bloke, am inconvenienced by this policy issue, I’m pissed off.”

“It’s just not fair, and I believe in the principle of fairness, mainly when I think I’m not being treated fairly, but you get the point.”


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