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Just over 24 months ago, Sarah Rutland and her defacto Lachie Willmott posed for a photo together next to the ‘sold’ sign hanging on a chainlink fence outside a large construction site.

They’d just purchased their first property.

The image garnered hundreds of likes on both Instagram and Facebook and both the 25-year-olds were awash with a sense of pride and superiority over their peers as they’d finally accomplished the impossible.

That image has now been removed from their social media accounts.

The French Quarter three-bedroom apartment they purchased off-the-plan for $945 000 less stamp duty is now worth much, much less.

Lachie spoke to The Advocate this afternoon at an Old City District strip club where he took time out of his busy afternoon of feeling like a failure in the eyes of his father to tell our reporter about his seemingly foolish financial decisions.

“We had it valued the other day,” he said, taking a sip from his warm and flat Coopers Sparkling stubbie.

“It’s barely worth $800 000. I phoned my Dad to get him to explain the situation to me after the bank laughed at in my ear when I asked if we could lower my mortgage because the apartment had decreased in value,”

“Dad said I was stuck with the original amount, which is unfair, I think. Dad said he wasn’t going to bail me out and that I was stuck with it. What a fucking cunt he is. How am I going to afford Europe this year?”

When asked why he and Sarah removed the image they posted the day they put themselves in the hole for hundreds of thousands of dollars, Lachie simply said, ‘pride’.

“Looking at the bottom line, the drug-addled tramps who throw rocks at the buses in Machattie Park are in a better financial position than me,” he said.

“All I was trying to do was appear better than everyone else but I’ve cooked it,”

“And it’s all my Dad’s fault. He lent me the deposit in the first place, the fucking prick!”

More to come.


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