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A Betoota Heights cab driver said he was left scratching his noodle yesterday afternoon as a customer asked him to go to a specific street address as opposed to just saying where he wanted to go.

Gill ‘Frogstomp’ Peters, who received his nickname from his lifelong love of fishing green frogs out of the toilet and stamping on them, has been driving taxis in our fine desert town for a number of years and he’s rarely had anyone give him a number and a road to drive to.

“People usually just say who’s place they’re going to and I take them there, you know?” he told our reporter as he ashed in his cab’s ashtray.

Our reporter took a ride with the 31-year-old today on the way to work where he spoke of an exchange he had yesterday with a passenger that left him confused.

“This bloke gets in and says, ‘Can you people stop smoking, it’s against the law. And can you please put a shirt on. Is this even a real taxi?’ blah, blah, blah!”

“Anyway, after we worked that out, he told me to go to 45 Concord Road in Betoota Ponds and I honestly didn’t know how to get there,”

“I asked him where he was going and he said there. But like, he didn’t get my question. I asked him who he was going to see or what business it was and he just said it wasn’t any of my business. Like, after that, I was starting to get a bit worked up so I head-butted the steering wheel as hard as I could a few times then asked him again,”

“He was whiter than Clive Palmer’s inner thigh after that. Then he said he was going to Kellet’s Stock and Station and to calm down, too. I know where that is and I took him there. Fuck me, it wasn’t that hard, was it now?”

Our reporter then threw twenty dollars between the two front seats and got out at the lights.

More to come.


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