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The Emmet Buy/Swap/Sell Facebook page started out with pure intentions according to the administrator, but internal town politics and a perverted need to open old wounds quickly diminished any value from it.

Warren Kelly started the page to create a portal by which Emmet’s 17 000 residents could sell their unneeded possessions or pick something up for a bargain.

“It was good for a while,” remarked Warren, a retired grazier.

“But then the youth about town decided to take it upon themselves to hurl insults and say horrible things about one another,”

“Then the fighting happened. The bastards, they organise fights on the page. After the fight they brag about it, sometimes they film it. The last video I had to remove had a young man getting beat about the head with a dog chain. It’s a shame.”

Amid the chaos of the online community, Kelly pointed out that some trade actually does take place on the page.

Earlier this week, Django Tyson from nearby Yaraka traded a clapped-out whipper-snipper for a partial collection of Looney Tunes mugs.

Following that, Dennis Neckmann of Isisford bought three bald tyres from a Blackall cocaine dealer to decorate his front yard with.

“As the page admin, I’m confident we can get the discussion back to the buying, selling and trading of goods and away from calling each other terrible things such as ‘putrid dog’ and ‘cunt hole.’

“So, so vulgar.”

More to come.


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