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Looking back on his historic election defeat this afternoon, former Opposition leader Bill Shorten explain where he thought he went wrong.

The dejected Victorian Taurus is in Betoota this week on a mission around the country to find himself and perhaps learn why the nation shunned his vision for our wide brown land.

Bill spoke to our reporter a short time ago at The Advocate’s Daroo Street newsroom.

“I guess I too should’ve kept the promise of Australia, to all Australians,” he sighed.

“That, and I should’ve burned for you, on the proviso that you have a go, because that’s the only way you’ll get a go. I would’ve given you that go if I got the opportunity to burn for you first, then I would’ve been able to keep that promise of Australia to you, because you’re an Australian having a go, which makes you entitled to receive a go, not two goes, one go, because you’ve been burned for, by me,”

“That’s what I should’ve done, man. If only I knew what I just told you then. It all makes so much sense.”

Just as Bill started to trail off, he was interrupted by a staffer (who they themselves jumped the gun and got themselves a new car on a novated lease thinking they were about to receive a huge pay rise once they got into power) and told they had to keep moving onto the next media engagement in town.

“Oh,” sighed Bill.

“Ok then. I’ll see you guys later. We should go for a run when you’re in Melbourne next.”

As quickly as that, Bill was back in the comcar and headed east toward a ribbon cutting in Betoota Heights.

More to come.


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