The Federal Government’s sex scandal has taken another turn today, with more damning revelations about Alan Tudge’s behaviour coming to light.

The Government has done its best over the last ten days to blatantly ignore allegations of entrenched sexism and misogyny in the party, as well as revelations senior family men were rooting people who weren’t their wives.

However, that scandal has now got even worse, with revelations that Alan Tudge fucked 400,000 other people.

From single mothers to older women, to young university students, it’s been reported that Tudge, who was the Human Services Minister during a significant period of the Robodebt Scheme, has fucked hundreds of thousands of people.

Those damning numbers have come to light today after the government agreed to a $1.2billion settlement with 400,000 victims of the scheme.

Tudge had previously threatened welfare recipients with jail and orchestrated the program to demonize anyone receiving government assistance that wasn’t in the form of complicated tax loopholes for higher-income earners and property owners, low tax rates for multinational companies, facilitated tax avoidance and policies directed at consolidating multi-generational wealth.

The relentless hounding of people on social security about debts that were often false, and against the persistent warnings of experts who said it wasn’t legal, also allegedly resulted in people taking their own lives because of the program.

Tudge has yet to formally respond to the latest developments in the government sex scandal, but Prime Minister Morrison has vaguely referenced one of the biggest policy debacles in recent history in trademark fashion.

“Haha, 400,000 you reckon?” he said in his blokiest voice possible and pushed his glasses up his nose.

“I’m a happily married man, but geez, pretty good numbers there from Tudgy haha.”


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