Australians can finally expect some relief at the petrol pump this week, after the Australian Government legislated to reduce fuel prices by cutting the current excise by 22 cents per litre.

In even more welcome news, the Australian Service Station & Convenience Committee (ASS CO), has agreed to pass on the discount, provided motorists spend $10 in store on selected confectionary and beverage varieties.

In a press statement, ASS CO said it was looking forward to passing on the savings to motorists, as well as seeing an uplift in the sale of King Size Crunchie bars.

“As a major resource which not only affects the hip pocket of motorists, but also the cost of groceries, transportation, travel and heavy industry, we understand Australians are feeling the pinch thanks to the skyrocketing price of Brent crude oil.”

“As the National body that represents all service stations, we understand how important it is to ensure that we universally pass on the new fuel excise to motorists, and we plan to do so through some great cheap Tuesday specials!”

Speaking to The Advocate, ASS CO said it was excited to release an enticing line-up of shopper docket deals to encourage motorists to fill up with premium fuel this week.

“Well from Monday, we’ll be doing a daily deal starting with a Crunchie and 500ml V Energy Can combo, we know that’ll be popular with the Nation’s forklift operators and those Kawasaki Kings that like spending their weekend at Betoota Dam.”

“Then for Tightass Tuesday, we’ll be doing a Meat Pie, Mars Bar and Slushie Special, motorists just need to spend $10 in store and they’ll receive the full 22 cents a litre off their tank!”

“They still have to pay for sauce though, a little squeezee will set you back $1.”

Questioned whether $1 was a fair price to pay for 14g of reconstituted tomato, a spokesperson from ASS CO said it was important for consumers to factor in the price of inflation.

More to come.


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