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A local man who supports the current government’s economic policy while also enjoying the company of our town’s minority communities just looks a bit off.

Benson Granger, of Betoota Grove, has a weird looking face and a pair of teeth on him that look nice and straight, just too big.

Coworkers at Credit Suisse Betoota, where he works directly under his Dad’s friend from university, say they can hear him breathing even when he’s not puffed.

He once applied for a job here at The Advocate but our editor, Clancy Overell, felt the room chill when Mr Granger walked in it.

“That bloke gave me the heebie jeebies,” said Overell.

“He was my Uber driver once and he wouldn’t stop looking at me. Just a big no thanks from me,”

“Then, if you thought it couldn’t get any worse, he turned up at my front door when the missus and I put up an ad in the paper’s casual encounters classifieds looking for a young bull to entertain us both for the evening, this prick turn up! Should’ve asked for a face shot! Jesus strike me down!”

Many other people came forward with similar stories but our reporter’s lunch beer has won the battle of Tuesday afternoon.

More to come.


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