Prime Minister Scott Morrison has shown off his trademark larrikinism this week, with a playful little jibe about one of the nation’s recent ordeals.

Speaking from the Australian Reptile Park on the Central Coast of NSW yesterday, the Head of Marketing explained that there are still plenty of Aussie animals getting around, as he posed with a wombat.

“Haha, calm down lefties, look at this big fella, he’s alive and well,” Morrison said following the bushfires which killed or displaced 3 billion animals over the summer.

“Everyone needs to just get a bit of perspective,” explained the bloke that went on an international holiday during one of the country’s worst crises in recent history.

“Have a go at this big boy. He’s doing fine, and so’s his mate over there,” continued the Prime Minister who is still yet to talk about Climate Change following his constant comments that it wasn’t time to talk about it during the midst of a potential look into our future that was the summer of bushfires.

“The biggest threat to this guy is all the bloody cuddles people wanna give him haha”

“Besides, go for a drive down the cold country and you’ll see what wombats should be worried about, it’s a Landcruiser at 120, not bushfires.”


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