Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing has once again drawn criticism this week for get going when the going gets tough.

This comes months of chaos, starting with the 2019 bushfires – which then faded into a sports rorts scandal, behaviour coronavirus inevitably changed the way we live forever.

After copping flak for his poorly timed Hawaiian holiday in December, while the South Coast of NSW burnt to the ground, Scotty From Marketing’s advisors have had to brief him on the PR nightmares that come from running away from your duty as one of the highest paid politicians in the world.

However, even with all the focus groups and life coaching, Scotty once again buckled under pressure this week.

After seven days of campaigning alongside the LNP candidate for the upcoming Queensland state election, the Prime Minister grew overwhelmed by the lack of fanfare around his surprise visits to marginal shit hole towns.

It is reported that Morrison fears the mere fact that majority of the state cannot name the leader of the opposition might be the writing on the wall for a Labor ‘Ann-slide’ which would secure Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk the longest stint in the job since Peter Beattie.

“I don’t hold a placard mate” he told 2GB radio today.

“Those small business owners and pedophile Young Liberals are doing a fine job of campaigning themselves” he said.

“And there’s no need to pay them just yet. They want to be there”

“I’ve tried my best. But there nothing more I can offer the LNP at this time”

“So now it’s beach time. I’ll be back in Canberra as soon as can be arranged. Until then, it’s XXXX Gold, prawns and the spa.”

More to come.


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