The nation’s most high-profile backbencher has today revealed he is pondering a few of life’s big questions.

Parliament is back, and so is Decode. Have a listen to our recap of what’s been happening down in the bush capital here:

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate this morning, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he’s starting to wonder what the big fella has in store for him.

“I don’t know, I kinda didn’t think me sitting on the back bench getting sneered at by everyone except my mate Alex Hawke was part of the plan,” said Morrison this morning.

“Just seems like a wierd thing, after he blessed me with the Prime Ministership.”

“But, they do say the lord works in mysterious ways I guess.”

This comes as parliament returns to Canberra for another term, with Morrison seated right at the very back with his factional ally Alex Hawke.

He joins other high profile former leaders lack Barnaby Joyce and Bill Shorten, who have decided to stick around after being rolled by their parties.

“It’s boring as up here,” said Morrison today.

“And no one listens to anything I say anymore.”

“I almost miss being harrassed for not doing any work.”

Morrison then revealed he is consdiering a tilt at motivational speaking in one of the megachurches his religious organisation built with their tax free dollars.

“I gotta have a chat with my guy up in the sky, but maybe that would be better for my career path to the pearly gates,” Morrison said.

“It has to be better than just listening to people argue about the state of our nation.”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m at a bit of a cross roads,” he sighed.

More to come.


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