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Flushed with success after replacing a single word in the Australian National Anthem, Scotty from Marketing is doubling down with a much more controversial alteration.

In November, in a move designed to recognise the existence of a culture that beat the poms here by a few tens of thousands of years, the line “For we are young and free” was changed to “For we are one and free”.

The change, announced by the Prime Minister, was broadcast to the nation in the form of a low-key story on the news, and was accepted with less controversy than the Bunnings snag OnionGate.  

However, the new changes are much more extensive, replacing the entire second verse with a rap by acclaimed Australian rapper Anthony Mundine. 

Mundine, who played football and is sometimes a boxer, started his rap career in 2005 with a guest appearance on “Knock U Out” by Joel Turner and the Modern Day Poets.

The song was an instant hit and is now regularly played at night clubs, churches, schools, weddings and funerals.  

This was followed by “Platinum Ryder” in 2007 which was even more popular.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has dismissed criticism of the proposed change, with most people questioned strongly opposed to the move. 

“I think it’s going to be a really super change. It will really freshen up the anthem, and make it a bit more snazzy for the younger generation.” said ScoMo, when asked about the changes.

“The lyrics haven’t been finalised yet but as I understand it, in the new verse Mr Mundine explains that he is the best boxer and threatens to punch anyone who thinks that he isn’t.”

“Then he says he is also the best rapper and threatens to punch anyone who disagrees with that claim also. It’s very creative, and I think it really harnesses the Aussie spirit. We didn’t just get some hack to thrown together some words, this guy is the best rapper the world has ever known. He told me”. 


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