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Bardot, the Roger David for Women, has gone into voluntary administration today, telling the media that a cluttered retail environment has seen bricks and mortar revenue plummet.

Founded in 1996, the iconic women’s clothing shop was once a titan of the nation’s shopping villages and Westfields.

Now, it’s just another big-name casualty in the recent decline in consumer confidence.

Young men around the country who needed a flammable suit, polyester pockets squares, iron-free shirts, white belts and white loafers used to flock to Roger David.

Just like young ladies in need of a formal dress, clip-on earrings, patent leather thongs and brightly-coloured weaves would flock to Bardot of old.

“Of course, we stuck with the times. We don’t sell just what you said just then,” said one local Bardot employee.

“In fact, I take umbrage to that. You sound like a real pompous fuckwit, Mr Parker. Get the hell out of my shop!”

“Rodd & Gunn is down that way, you lisping piece of shit! Scram!”

Our reporter collected his things and left.

More to come.


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