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England’s greatest export to the world, Rick Stein, has a new cooking show coming to the small screen across the country this summer – and it’s more of what local audiences love.

Rick’s Holiday has been commissioned by Stan, the country’s only locally-owned streaming service, and is set to feature Rick in exotic locations all over the world.

While there will be lots of eating, drinking and extended scenes of Rick looking confused and lost, the new show will almost exclusively be made up of shots of Rick sweating profusely.

Speaking to The Advocate this evening via telephone, Stan’s content director said Rick is a favourite among Aussies and “the unique way he does what he does makes him so unique”.

“Rick Stein is a titan of the industry,” he said.

“To lure him over from Channel 4 in England was a big coup but we’re glad he’s here. So basically, it’s six episodes of Rick just walking around marketplaces, just being his usual English self. Then it’s just him eating pasta or cheese. Sometimes both. He just eats, sweats and talks to himself a bit,”

“Real avant garde shit. Keep an eye out for it before Christmas.”

The Advocate phoned Rick’s management for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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