In case you didn’t notice the unnecessary chesty singlet he’s wearing in the middle of June, it’s worth noting that your 15-year-old cousin Tyler has taken an interest in his own body.

After years of being a bit of a nerdy pipsqueak, and probably a bit more of a pretty boy than a big rig, it seems that Tyler must be going hard on the solitary bedroom work outs (sit ups and push ups).

It’s either that or he’s been going to the school gym for the sole purpose of getting jacked, because as far as anyone knows he doesn’t play any form of sport.

Everyone present at the mid-week family catch-up at his mum’s house were surprised to see the previously timid high schooler rocking such a figure-hugging athletic singlet, usually reserved for underneath the shirt.

The entire family is now unsure if these has been a big decision for Tyler to show of his new guns, or if he hasn’t thought twice about it in his delusional male teenage confidence.

After his grandfather jovially points out that the hormones might be finally doing their job – Tyler doesn’t even blush, and quickly offers a few flexes for the fam.


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